Recent Fashion Purchases: Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville and Schuh

When you live so close to London it’s practically impossible to not take advantage of the fact that everything you could ever want to buy is there. So… basically, I’ve done a lot of spending these past few weeks (RIP my bank account) and wanted to share some of the pieces I’ve picked up from Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville, but also a bonus pair of shoes from Schuh. Here’s a round up of some of my most recent purchases ready for spring//summer 2017.

Starting with Urban Outfitters I ordered a few pieces in the latest sale of there’s including a Black Corset T Shirt and a Teatime Floral White Dress from Cooperative. As well as these i also picked up two chokers; the Geometric Print Choker and a thick, denim choker (unavailable online).


Moving onto Brandy Melville and oh my god the Jamie Top is actually my new favourite thing ever, so much so that I literally own three different versions of it. I love adding bright colours into my wardrobe without being too crazy (although sometimes I’m guilty of doing this… nothing wrong with being a lil extra) and this simple red t-shirt adds something to my spring wardrobe. My two other versions of the tee are a navy blue and white thin-striped tee (unavailable online) and the Jamie USA Top in Navy Blue. As well as these three t-shirts, I also bought the Riane Top  to go with my gingham checked UO culottes (check them out here) and the Lance Sweater.

The fact that the sizes at Brandy Melville are all one size (the fit varies from style to style) makes it super easy to shop here and although all the pieces look loose on the models on their websites, the fitted appearance that they take on me works really well for my personal style. I love to wear fitted, simple t shirts and so this is the perfect shop for fitted basics.

Anyway, enough with the clothes, I promised you I’d include a bonus surprise pair of shoes and so without further ado I present my Flatform Superga’s. Honestly these are the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever purchased. I’ve been looking for a nice alternative to the more popular branded white trainers like Adidas or Nike, ideally with a flatform and i stumbled across Superga. I always thought that they sold exclusively canvas shoes but no, i was wrong, the leather Superga exists people and it is beautiful. I just think these are the ideal shoe for spring//summer and perfect for walking around a lot on holiday.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully you enjoyed this post and will maybe take some inspiration for pieces for your spring//summer wardrobe. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on how I style some of these pieces as I’d be happy to do that.

The Legendary Palm


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