10 Things to Do When You’re Bored

I’ve put together a list of 10 Things to Do When You’re Bored that you can do without having to leave the house

  1. Tidy your room
  2. Discover new music – type in albums to listen to before you die and you’ll discover so many new songs, or you can always use Spotify; they have a Daily Mix section which is specific to the types of music you listen to but uses artists you might not know from the same genre to make a playlist.
  3. Start a new TV series on Netflix – check out the latest TV shows and their ratings on IMDB if you’re in need of a new series to watch.
  4. Read a book – maybe see whats popular on GoodReads and go from there
  5. Start learning a new language  – it’s super easy to just download an app like Duolingo and start learning a different language.
  6. Try out a new recipe – there are so many recipes online to test out! one of my favourite blogs to get recipes from is Amuse Your Bouche and of course my own food blog Stop Drop and Casserole.
  7. Have a mini “spa day” – I do this all the time in university because I have so much more free time than I thought I’d have, I normally use a face mask from LUSH and just chill out.
  8. Dance – Whether this be through going on Youtube and searching for a new routine to follow along to or simply just putting on your favourite playlist and having a dance, its always a great way to pass the time but also lift your spirits.
  9. Go on Pinterest – You can easily spend hours crafting the perfect boards on Pinterest, from Spring fashion ideas to your future house decor.
  10. Make lists – I had to finish with this since I’m doing it now! If writing lists down isn’t your thing then make into more of a sketch based list. I often draw little pictures next to my lists and make it into more of an art piece rather than just a simple list.

Anyway thanks for reading, let me know in the comment section what you thought of my ideas and feel free to share any others that you have.

The Legendary Palm


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