Expectation v Reality

After being at university for over a semester now, I found that a lot of things are significantly different to what I originally expected that they would be. With this in mind I’ve put together a post of my expectations of university vs the reality of university life; regarding friendships, nights out and general day to day life.


Making friends at uni:

Expectation – It’ll be just like making friends in school – you find a group of people that you relate to (probably through your specific degree course) and chat to them in class, maybe meet up for coffee and nights out etc.

Reality – Finding that a lot of the time the only thing you have in common with the people on your course is your same choice of degree. Societies are the place to find actual long-term friends.

Expectation – My uni friends will never be able to live up to my friends at home, I’ve known them for years!

Reality – *Two weeks into uni* your friends already know your entire life story and are basically your family

Going out with friends:

Expectation – Meeting up for coffee at the coffee shops on campus, going to town shopping and going out for occasional meals if we can afford it.

Reality – Walking to each others halls, in basically pyjama attire, to literally just lie down or maybe have a nap.


Expectation – Weekly shopping trips with your friends to get everything you need

Reality – Seeing how long you can last living off various types of canned beans so you haven’t got to do the walk to the shops

Nights out

Expectation – Getting dressed up, having everyone round for pre drinks and then heading into town at around 12 to hit the clubs

Reality – Spending the entire day in bed and then having a mad panic 20 minutes before you’re supposed to be going out because a) you haven’t showered, b) you haven’t got anything to wear and c) you can’t find your campus card or ID in the absolute state that is your room.

Expectation – Have most of my drinks at pres to avoid over spending my money on drinks when I’m out

Reality – Being so behind schedule that you don’t have time to pre and end up spending £30 on jagerbombs

Expectation – Going out every night in freshers and then at least twice a week from then on! #UNAYYY

Reality – Day 4 of uni you get freshers flu. By week 8 your nights out consist of only going out because you already bought your ticket and don’t want to waste your money, end up leaving by 12 with your mates and ordering food to halls.

General Life

Expectation – “oh wow its going to be so great just living by my own rules spending all day with my friends and doing fun things all the time”

Reality – Realising you haven’t really got much to do and spending 80% of your time in your room alone watching netflix, maybe having friends over to watch tv with you.


Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this post and if you agree with what I’ve said – especially if you’re a student. Feel free to share your own thoughts of university life before and after experiencing it because if love to hear your experiences.

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