First Semester in University

After completing my first semester at university I thought it’d be helpful to make a post about what its really like to go to university and how to make the most of your time there, especially when it comes to starting for the first time.

A bit of background information; I’m currently 19 years old and I took a year out, so I’m a year older than the majority of the first year students at my university. In this post I’m going to go through my approach to university life and give a true indication of what university life is really like through a step by step guide.

  1. If you don’t feel ready to go to university straight from school then don’t!

I remember thinking that I had to go to university straight out of school because it was what you were “supposed to do” but taking a year to really figure out what degree i wanted to do made such a difference because i finished the year feeling completely prepared and ready to move away as well as being confident that my chosen degree was the correct one.

2. Get involved in societies!

Joining sports and societies was definitely the best move I’ve made since coming to university because its a way to make instant friends. Everyone in your society will have at least one common interest with you because otherwise you wouldn’t be in the same society so its the best way to meet like-minded people. Tip: there’s often a societies fair during freshers week were you can go and find out information about everything on offer.

3. Talk to as many people as you possibly can.

I think a lot of first year students often find themselves sticking with the people who they live with in halls. Obviously it’s nice to be friends with the people you’re living with but at the same time you didn’t chose your flatmates, you were put together by the university so it’s hard to see if you would be friends with your flatmates if they weren’t your flatmates. It’s important to keep your options open when it comes to friendships and so definitely don’t limit yourself to only spending time with your flatmates or a small group of friends because you never know what could happen.

4. Go self-catered

At the end of the day when you move into a house in second year you’re going to have to cook for yourself so you may as well get some practise in while you’re in halls and there’s fire safety staff around to help if you make a mess of it.

5. Get involved with freshers’ week and other nights out

There are always those few people who think they’re completely above the freshers’ week events and don’t bother getting involved with any of the events the university set up during it but this is where you’ll meet everyone. Yes the freshers’ wristbands are incredibly overpriced but you just have to bite the bullet and pay because otherwise you’ll miss out on everything and the last thing you want is for everyone to be talking about the fun they had during freshers’ and you can’t get involved in the conversations.

Anyway, hopefully this post will be of some use to anyone who reads it who’s applying for university or is starting in the next year or so. Feel free to leave any questions you have about university in the comment section and i’ll happily reply as best as i can with my advice!

Thanks for reading!



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